Reverse Logistics

Moving Goods Upstream Through the Supply Chain


We Handle the Returned Goods Process

Return management involves bringing previously sent products back to our warehouse. Goods are returned because they didn’t meet customers’ needs, customers ordered multiple items expecting to send some back, the product was defective and recalled, the item was received in a damaged condition, delivery was unable to be completed or products have reached the end of their useful lifecycle. Online buying, especially from retailers without brick-and-mortar stores, has significantly increased the volume of returns and the importance of having an efficient return management strategy.

Product Recalls and Return Management

Product recalls are a special category of reverse logistics. Processing recalled products is a vital component of our reverse logistics service. If your product was recalled, DCI will quickly create return labels, undertake a full inspection or review to determine if we will restock the product, and send products out for repair or to a disposal/quarantine facility. 

DCI Handles Every Step of Your Return Process

  • Initiates the process so customers can ship the product back
  • Receives and processes the items at the warehouse
  • Inspects the product to determine if it should be placed back into inventory for resale, repaired or refurbished, recycled or disposed
  • Repairs and repackages if possible; recycles if the product cannot be fixed or resold

Why Is DCI the Distributors’ Choice?

We understand that many, if not most, companies want to work with a business that will process their returns efficiently. DCI has the knowledge, experience and systems that enable us to manage every step involved in product returns and recalls. As a flexible company that offers personalized service, we will readily adapt to your unique return and recall processes, ensuring that your returned goods are expertly managed — your way.

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