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Nonprofit Inventory Management and Tracking

Like other organizations, nonprofits have assets to store, track, ship and protect along the supply chain journey. Specifically, the merchandise they sell to fund operations must be efficiently managed and tracked; dependable product delivery is as important to nonprofits as it is to for-profit businesses. A good logistics plan is vital to creating the connections that build long-term relationships with supporters and donors. 

Outsourcing inventory storage and management, fulfillment, warehousing and transportation reduces stress while allowing the nonprofit to focus on its important mission. With a company like DCI performing the essential logistics services, the nonprofit eliminates the sources of many headaches, from setting up a warehouse and hiring staff to creating transportation strategies that ensure that goods arrive at their destinations in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

Why Is DCI the Distributors’ Choice?

We are committed to helping those doing good in whatever way we can. DCI has the flexibility to offer nonprofits custom-tailored solutions and value-added services that meet an extremely wide range of requirements. Our experience in helping nonprofit organizations distribute a wide variety of items makes us their logistics company of choice. Let our family-run business demonstrate how our caring employees and exceptional customer service put clients first. 

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