Get Products to Customers Quickly and Efficiently


Meeting the Needs of All Types of Retailers

DCI helps all types of retail companies with their fulfillment, warehousing and distribution, transportation and reverse logistics requirements. Whether your company ships to the largest stores like Walmart, small independent retailers or any size store in between, we will help you improve your supply chain.

DCI stores, fulfills and transports products of any type and size, from mailers and single packages to Less Than Truckload (LTL) or even Full Truckload (FTL) shipments. We ship directly to your customers, to your brick-and-mortar stores or to major retailers.

Do You Have Specific Shipping Requirements?

Certain large retailers have very exacting shipment requirements. We thoroughly understand the requirements of Amazon and big box retailers; in fact, we have years of experience working with these companies. We know how to prepare and package all types of products and sets of products, how to label properly, and how to meet the strict shipping requirements of Amazon and other large and demanding retailers. 

Why Is DCI the Distributors’ Choice?

Instead of investing in and maintaining the infrastructure, technology, human capital and relationships required to get your products accurately and quickly to your customers, let DCI’s expertise, experience and resources get the job done for you. While we store your inventory, fulfill your orders and transport your goods, you can concentrate on running and growing your business. And isn’t that a better use of your valuable time?

Ready to Optimize Your Supply Chain?

Let us help you improve cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and inventory management.