Efficient Quarantine Project Implementation for an American Clothing Company


An American clothing company approached Distributors’ Choice Inc. (DCI) because their current warehouse was unable to implement a critical quarantine project. Recognizing the urgency, DCI’s management team flew to the U.S. for a detailed discussion with the company executives and devised an action plan.


The company needed a warehouse capable of executing a quarantine project efficiently and within a strict deadline. The existing facility’s limitations necessitated a swift and effective solution.


DCI proposed an action plan involving:

  • Doubling the warehouse staff
  • Setting up and adjusting operational processes
  • Implementing the quarantine project with precision


Over a 6-week period, DCI:

  • Doubled Staff: Increased workforce to handle the additional workload
  • Optimized Processes: Developed and adjusted processes for maximum efficiency
  • Executed the Plan: Ensured the project was completed within the agreed-upon deadline


The successful completion of the project led to:

  • Flexibility and Efficiency: Demonstrated DCI’s capability to adapt and execute critical projects under tight deadlines
  • Business Reassignment: The client was so impressed with DCI’s performance that they reassigned all their distribution business to DCI


DCI’s ability to implement a complex quarantine project efficiently showcased their flexibility and operational excellence. This case underscores the importance of adaptable and reliable logistics solutions in meeting critical business needs.