Promotional Material Distribution for a Major Bank


Over 25 years ago, a major Canadian bank approached Distributors’ Choice Inc. (DCI) to handle the fulfillment and distribution of their promotional materials for specific programs. This partnership marked the beginning of a long-term relationship focused on efficient and reliable service.


The bank needed a dependable partner to manage the complex task of distributing promotional materials across Canada. The materials had to be accurately assembled and delivered on time to support various marketing initiatives.


DCI implemented a comprehensive fulfillment and distribution strategy, which included:

  • Organizing and managing inventory of promotional materials
  • Assembling marketing kits with the necessary documents and promotional items
  • Ensuring timely and accurate distribution across Canada


DCI’s team worked closely with the bank to understand their requirements and developed a streamlined process for assembling and distributing the marketing kits. This involved:

  • Setting up a dedicated team to manage the project.
  • Implementing quality control measures to ensure accuracy.
  • Utilizing advanced logistics systems to track and manage shipments.


The collaboration yielded impressive results:

  • Consistent Excellence: DCI completed the task successfully and has continued to manage the bank’s promotional materials for over two decades.
  • Expanded Services: DCI now prepares and distributes marketing kits for various financial institutions, ensuring that all materials are delivered accurately and on time.
  • Client Satisfaction: The bank and other financial institutions have consistently praised DCI for their reliability and efficiency, reinforcing the strength of the partnership.


DCI’s long-standing partnership with this major Canadian bank highlights the importance of reliable fulfillment and distribution services in supporting marketing initiatives. By leveraging DCI’s expertise, financial institutions along with other companies can ensure that their promotional materials are managed efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.