We Have Apparel Businesses Covered


The Need for Timely Fulfillment and Delivery

Fashion trends change often and quickly, and the competition can be fierce. That’s why apparel and shoe companies seek to partner with a firm like DCI that provides efficient supply chain management services. In addition, the vast number of SKUs involved in this industry means that clothing and footwear businesses need accurate inventory management — an area in which DCI excels.

Experience and Expertise Make the Difference

We work with all types of apparel companies of all sizes. In addition to the fulfillment, distribution, transportation and cross docking, and return logistics services that we offer to all companies, we perform tasks specific to the apparel industry. These include sorting, labeling, de-tagging and re-tagging, washing, quarantining and inspecting.

DCI’s clean, climate-controlled and well-organized warehouse is operated by employees trained to handle apparel with great care. Our scanning and barcode technologies ensure accuracy and real-time monitoring from any device. With a network of reliable transportation providers in place, your goods are always delivered to the right destinations on time and in good condition.

Why Is DCI the Distributors’ Choice?

We have decades of experience working with multiple apparel companies, handling all types of fashion goods and helping these businesses meet their specific needs during every stage of the distribution process. DCI’s goal is to apply our expertise and flexibility toward optimizing your distribution process while you work on marketing and growing your business.

Ready to Optimize Your Supply Chain?

Let us help you improve cost efficiency, customer satisfaction and inventory management.